Reviews: Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me season 1

Interesting premise, a snarky lead and some good actors, but Dead Like Me peters out into a meh sitcom instead of building up the story.

Background: the original creator had a great concept (similar to the early set up of On a Pale Horse; reaping as a job caught between the very meaningful and the very bureaucratic), did an excellent pilot and a few establishing episodes of George getting screwed over by the universe and bumping against the rules, then he was replaced.

After that the show doesn't get off the ground. There is no attempt at a seasonal arc, and the episodes begin to repeat the same disconnected scenes: the temp job, George's childhood flashback, George's family failing to cope, the reapers getting paired up and going on unrelated assignments, briefings and debriefings at the waffle house. The clip show at episode 12 (Nighthawks) is painful even if you skip the clips; the A story is just half-hearted, pretending to involve characters but not doing anything with them.