Reviews: Dark Angel

Not as good as Buffy. Better than Charmed.

Max is just a modern girl trying to survive. Unfortunately the world is a bit more difficult to live in after the apocalypse happened. And even more unfortunately she happens to be an escaped government experiment born and bred to kill. Hard life for a girl who just wants to be left alone. But soon she gets dragged into helping the downtrodden by some goody two-shoes in a wheelchair, because hey, we need a plot and then things get more complicated. Dark Angel is a good show, but keep in mind it's 90's good (yes I know it was 2000 to 2002 but shhh). Some of the hip-and-wit-it-yo-dawg terminology will make you cringe as will some of the characters on occasion (Valarie Rae Miller does her darnest and she is a likable actress but you will get sick of her "Original Cindy is gonna refer to herself in the third person and lay some black-gay home-truths on you, protagonist" role by the end of things). There is more than a hint of the Dark Age Of Comic Books in it's influence and all that that sentence implies, and for a show only two seasons long the tonal shifts are too quick and jarring. But hey, it lasted longer than the show that came after. There are also too many instances of characters doing things for plot reasons rather than character consistency. One of those is the sexual tension between Max and Logan (think male Oracle). There is absolutely no reason why they aren't a couple for the majority of the first season besides plot demands . Will They or Won't They? is overplayed in TV as it is but THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHY EITHER OF YOU AREN'T is just irritating. And before you think I am some mad shipper let me set you straight. In the end I didn't care if they ended up together or whether they never got together of if one turned into a llama and the other died in a boat accident. I just wanted the flirting-not-flirting to stop. But then the writers throw in Cant Havesex Ever and I wanted to punch a kitten. But please don't let this turn you off. The acting is solid, the cast is reasonably likable -most of who you will know through retrospective recognition- the plot is morish and the action for the most part holds up. There are even so elements that would be echoed in other sci-fis like Orphan Black and Fringe. Look it up. If you don't expect a forgotten gem you might just find a guilty pleasure.