Reviews: The Wall

Isn't this where... We came in?

I might start by addressing my obvious bias for this. Pink Floyd is one of my favorite progressive rock groups if not among among one of the greatest bands of all time. The Wall itself is definitively my favorite concept album. As such I doubt I could express all my feelings in the course of a single review, yet I'll condense it as need be.

All gushing aside, let us begin. The Wall itself is a story album and should be savored like a fine wine. The best way to take it in is to listen to the entire thing if you have the time and maybe give a little pause between songs to reflect on what you have just heard.

Yet whether you listen to the wall to find some deeper meaning, or simply to jam out to a good beat, you will not be disappointed. A bit jaded by the cynical nature of it all certainly, but not disappointed. The pieces themselves vary from the ethereal nature of "Comfortably Numb" to the orchestral bombast of "The Trial" and are pulled off with energy and zeal throughout.