Reviews: The Megas

Excellent on their own merits and as a tribute to their subject matter

The Megas combine Mega man music with rocking guitars and interesting lyrics. Unlike the band they are most often compared to, The Protomen, they directly remix Mega man music, but calling them simply a cover band would be inaccurate, at least not just a cover band. The unique selling point of the Megas is the unique point of view lyrics, recounting the thoughts of the classic robot masters during their fight with Mega Man and eventual deaths, as well as other characters such as Mega Man and Dr light.

Their albums all tell one overarching story, and while not shoved in your face, the story is told well through the lyrics and music and is poignant and interesting enough for me to speculate on where the plot will head next album.

Most of their songs consist of Rock remixes of Mega Man songs,but just about every song contains new sections and material, and things are rearranged.

Their first album, Get equipped, feauturing remixes of Mega Man 2's soundtrack, was excellent, but perhaps a little rough around the edges. The lyrics were not as refined as later. They fit the song's melody, but occasionally could have flowed better. The songs are well played, with some excellent guitar playing.

Their EP, Megatainment is a collaboration with the band Entertainment system. This is based on Mega man 1 and consists of four tracks. Entertainment system, who I was not very familiar with, are excellent in this collaboration. This is also where the band begins to come towards darker and more serious material.

Their Second album, based on Mega Man 3's music, is named History repeating. This is a double album, and only the first half has currently been released under the name of History repeating Blue: This album is the peak of their career so far, with unique songs, deeper and more meaningful lyrics, and a tighter sense of story and continuity.

I reccomend this band if you like Mega Man's music (hell who doesn't), are a fan of Rock, or If you just like music in general.(most people do)