Reviews: Studio Killers

A bizarre, but wholly interesting experience.

I'm not what you would call a superfan of this peculiar little collective, and I certainly haven't seen much of the interviews, the questions on tumblr, etc. etc., and judging by how the Gorillaz works, that means i'm missing about half of the band. However, the half that I have wholly experienced is amazing.

Their visual style is what I would call Future Discotheque Soft Grunge, except unlike the usual soft grunge you see around the internet, where it looks like paisley got covered in blood and it was only partly washed, add in some guns and upside down crosses in a stunning lavender for 'controversy', Studio Killers makes it look sleek, futuristic, and something that would certainly be seen in a club atmosphere, Cherry even looks like a club mascot, even if Dyna Mink and Goldie Foxx look like cutouts from a kids book. The music videos seem expressly built to be music VIDEOS, and are absolutely entertaining to watch and are a feast for the eyes.

Their music is accessible in the best of ways, using catchy pop hooks, lush club keys and thick, bassy kicks to power the music, Cherry's voice being a tour guide through the poppy club atmosphere. Speaking of Cherry, her voice is certainly an acquired taste, but once you get into the groove of it, it works so well with the clean club funk brought on by Dyna and Goldie.

Also notable for a band that describes itself as a part music, part art collective, the music certainly stands on its own, no cult following needed, unlike, per se, the Residents. (Not that the Residents are bad, mind you!) However, outside of gorgeous music videos and vibrant character designs, i'm not seeing anything exactly artsy. Rather, Studio Killers use their art to help enhance their music, which is nothing but admirable. If you're looking for an artsy band with 0 pretentiousness, Studio Killers and their Glam Soft Grunge Discotheque Vocal EDM with certainly be of service.

My favorites from them are, well:

All Men are Pigs (Vocal driven, fun as hell, and certainly better than the title implies!), Ode to Bouncer (This is another song where Cherry's vocals utterly make it.), and Funky at Heart (A bit close to your average EDM club hit, but once again, man am I really a broke record, but, Cherry's unique singing style makes it all.)