Reviews: Spawn Of Possession

Spawn of Possession - Incurso (2012)

Though I had heard of Spawn of Possession of quite some time before the release of this album, they hadn't really struck to me. Noctambulant was a solid release, albeit a fairly repetitive one.

Fast-forward to the year 2012, where I decided to check the album out to see if I would be impressed, and oh man, was I in a surprise.

The Good:
  • Far more Memorable and varying: The main issue that I had with Noctambulant was that the songs meshed together a little too well. Now I can't say anything for Cabinet, but this was a drawback for that album. This one, on the other hand, has more variety in songs due to more tempo changes and different atmospheres in each song.
  • Technical, even for TDM standards. Thanks to guitar wunderkind Christian Muenzer, the music remains quite complex.
  • It's brutal, yet atmospheric: From the dark riffs to Rondum's Motor Mouth that are also deep enough, on top of insanely fast music that also has atmosphere, they also focus on capturing a sense of unease through countless amounts of riffs.
  • Relevant Bass: Thanks to the superb work of Erland Caspersen, the increase of lead bass work is increased. A problem with many bands these days is the lack of credit that they get, generally being the sidekick to the Guitarist. Such an example of said bass lead is in the beginning of Servitude of Souls.

The Bad:
  • Shiny Production: Now I'm not one for gritty production nor am I one who gets disgusted by clean production, but man is this slick, even for Tech-Death standards. Now I understand that techdeath needs some good production, but this is pretty much overkill on that part.

Overall: But despite the personal con, I thoroughly enjoyed this album, and it is, for a lack of better term, almost flawless masterpeice. We're not even halfway into the 2010-2019 era, and I feel that this will be the Death Metal album of the decade.

No album is perfect, but this comes close. Grab if you love some tech-death, and even if it's not your cup of tea. They show that even "wank-masters" can show a sign of emotion and/or atmosphere.