Reviews: Nephew

USADSB, Interkom Kom Ind, and Danmark Denmark

USADSB - Nephew's breakout album. Contains possibly their most famous song, "Movie Klip," as well as the singles "Superliga," "En Wannabe Darth Vader," and "USADSB." A much more indie pop sounding album than their others, with less focus on guitars and more on light keyboard. Probably their most accessible album, and the best to start with. 4/5

Interkom Kom Ind - Their best to date. A significantly darker sound than USADSB, with lyrics focusing on everything from watching a loved one die (Hospital) to revenge (Igen Og Igen Og), but still a lot of fun. Also possibly the album with the least English in it. The best songs here are "Igen Og Igen Og," "Mexico Ligger I Spanien," "Science Fiction Og Familien," and "Hospital," although most of the album is at least listenable. 4.5/5

Danmark Denmark - Their most political album, as well as the one with the most English. A sound that is much more electronic than their previous albums. The first eight songs are very good, but unfortunately the last four feel more like patriotic Album Filler. (The album came out on Denmark's National Day.) Even so, you should definitely give it a listen, especially the songs "007 Is Also Gonna Die," "Police Bells and Church Sirens," "Va Fangool!," and "Sov For Satan Mand." 3.5/5 (Although if it had only been an EP with the first eight songs, it could have gotten at least 4.)