Reviews: Blind Guardian

The Best Power Metal Band In Existence!

Blind Guardian is absolutely incredible. They are talented, varied, and manage to handle some grandiose lyrics without hamming it up too much (although there is plenty of ham still). The songs themselves cover a wide range of topics; the standard Power Metal focus on high fantasy is undoubtedly there, but by no means the only type of songs Blind Guardian has (see Punishment Divine and Under the Ice, both from A Night at the Opera, for exceptions). And, Tropes Are Not Bad is in full effect here; the high fantasy tinted songs are largely excellent in their own right, of particular note is the entirety of the album Nightfall in Middle Earth. To make matters even better, Blind Guardian has proven themselves more than capable of performing ballads as well, the best known of these is The Bard's Song, but I'd argue that Skalds and Shadows and War of the Thrones both deserve an equal amount of praise. Overall, Blind Guardian is a band it's honestly difficult to say something negative about; granted there are flaws, a bit of awkward songwriting here and there,and they're hardly immune to album filler (Most egregiously on At the Edge of Time),but any given flaw is quickly covered by their strengths. This is the best power metal band playing today, no doubt about it.Give them a listen if you haven't, you'll be glad you did.