Reviews: Trigun

Love and Peace: Can it Last?

I must applaud this series, it has done something that many others with their preaching of anti-war and violence have yet to do. Test their morals!

Vash is a goofball who's smarter than he lets on but one thing is consistent between his personas, the idealism. Vash acts like a idiot shoen hero in a action series, but he's in actuality a fool in a dark grim world, where the Western Frontier is the only place for law and thus sets it out against his ideal that no one has to die.

Vash's moral is tested, especially against his nihilistic brother Knives and his minions, and it comes to pass that maybe what he believes in, while good, may not be practical. You cannot save everyone and Vash learns that the hard way, and Spoiler Alert, has to kill because there are literally no other options.

I'd recommend this series because as I said, it tests the moral and gives it weight, and in a way that feels natual!

But in the end there are still various plotholes and things are left hanging, something that is better explained in the manga. Regardless!

I'd give Trigun a 4/5, now pass the donuts please!

Definitely A gold standard to anime

Trigun is a story in the fictional world of Gunsmoke, a desert planet holding a special kind of man called Vash the Stampede. He is best known as the Humanoid Typhoon and his bounty of sixty billion dollars, making him a value breathing or dead. Then there's the insurance girls; a short hair and hot headed typewriter named Meryl Strife and her tall, but slow minded partner, Milly Thompson. Later in the series, another character comes to the party and joins the three in the name of Nicolas D. Wolfwood, a preacher that is similar to Vash, not similar in morals.

The story and characters in Trigun is top-notch and is backed up with a great sense in comedy, especially from Vash himself as he is portrayed as a donut loving goofball digested in his own ego. That doesn't hide the fact that he is also a person that doesn't enjoy killing and makes sure to handle all situations benevolently. That's when the series starts to throw away the funny and introduce Legato, a telepathic nihilist working for Million Knives. People started dying horribly and moments in the anime starts to be extremely dark and extremely depressing, as it starts to affect the main characters in the worst possible way.

Overall, Trigun is a action packed comedy turned dramedy with memorable characters, amazing animation and a kickass soundtrack, along with its opening. The dub however is debatable, because both the Japanese and English dubs stands out as equally jaw dropping. Personally, I choose the dub, because the content of the show was born to be in english. JYB made an amazing first impression as Vash and caused this show to be a pinpoint to his new career. The only problem of the show is its small, but isn't enough to make this legendary. Its animation can be lacking, but like I Said it's minor. This show is one the best and hopefully it would be more memorable in the near future.

This space western gets 9.5 out of 10.

A series that is made of LOVE AND PEACE

Trigun is one of those animes that appears to be one thing, then another. The first half deals with two agents who have been assigned to find Vash the Stampede, a wanted outlaw with a $$60 billion bounty on his head. It turns out that he's a complete dork who doesn't want to kill anyone... and is a ridiculious good shot. Later on, we're introduced to Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a priest that has a cross that carries handguns, a machine gun and a small rocket launcher. The first half is filled with action-packed gun fights that are very good to look at, but it also has substience underneath, as Vash (in one way or other) impacts the people he meets.

The second half has more gravity to it. With the introduction of Legatto Bluesummers and the Gung-Ho Guns, Vash's pacisifism is put to the test agaisnt Legatto's schmeme's, Wolfwood's cynicalism and memories of his past. This half is very philiosphical and deals with pacisifism and if humans are worthy enough to live.

With great gun fights, unforgettable charahcers and a twisting story line, Trigun is a wonderful ride from start to finish. I give it 5 out of 5 donuts.