Reviews: Soul Eater Not

So Far So...Uneventful

To start off, I just want to say that even if I forgot everything I knew about Soul Eater and didn't make any comparisons, I would still think Soul Eater NOT is one of the most boring things I have ever put up with.

Nearly every character in the series is uninteresting- I don't want to learn more about them or care about their success. I wouldn't be so bitter if they actually did something notable, but they rarely do. Out of all the characters, only Anya and Tsugumi have seen the light that is Character Development, even though it's a small amount and Tsugumi is still as bland as ever. However at this point it may be too early to judge as Ohkubo is seemingly getting a better at understanding the character's goal with each chapter.

Most of the series focus is on the girls being...Cute. In one chapter they're waitresses, and in another they are in PE and in another they are matchmakers, etc. Once in a while we will get a chapter that focuses on learning more about the character's personalities, or have Shaula talking about her plans. Unfortunately, these stories only come every few chapters, which is unfortunate because Shaula's the only character driving the story toward something resembling a purpose. Other good chapters are the ones that focus on other Soul Eater characters, such as Liz and Patty, and that's not because they're from Soul Eater, but because something actually happens with them.

However, the thing that will determine your affinity for the series is whether or not you find it funny. At its core, NOT is a Slice of Life comedy manga. So whether or not you can bring yourself to like it really depends on how endearing or funny you find the characters and their hijinks. In my case, once in a while I have chuckled at Tsugumi's actions, but I have yet to laugh out loud. This may be because some of the humor relies on heavy Yuri undertones, cute faces, and mild ecchi. So really this is the most subjective part of the series that can ultimately make or break it for you.

For me though, Soul Eater NOT is boring, with bland characters and no clear focus on what it wants to do. It has the potential to become a fun series with good characters that doesn't need action. It just needs to reach that potential. But, unfortunately, at this point all Ohkubo seems to want to do is just focus on the girls being cute.