Reviews: Skip Beat

"Love Me"? Gladly.

Skip Beat, of all the anime I have seen, you may be my favorite. Just how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love your writing, from the larger story to all the little clever moments, which has caused me care more about the steps of a young starlet's quest to make it big in show business than I have about most fantastic battles.

I love your humor, which has made me laugh out loud many times already, with many thanks to your wonderful cast of characters.

And, oh yes, I love your characters — brilliantly conceived, compelling, and (in many cases) eccentric as they are. Whatever the mood is, I never get tired of watching them.

On a related note, I dearly love your love story, wherever it fits in. Whenever I think of a well-written, "rocky" love story, with obstacles that cannot be overcome by simple, irrepressible gravitation of "love", this is always the one that comes to mind. I have seen or read strangely few love stories that held my attention, and none like yours. (For depth and realism in building a long-lasting romance between two people not obviously made for each other, we give up brevity. I don't mind — it's an interesting ride so far.)

Ah! There is not enough room to do this show justice. I love the depth of your characters! I love the genuine integrity and compassion that come through, so hard to come by these days! I love the little distorted voice that represents your characters' internal monologue! (Have I even mentioned the drama? Oh, yes — there is that in abundance.) I love this show.

Only a few flaws come to mind. The Generic Cuteness that undercuts so many anime is also present here, and arguably more relevant for the "show business" setting. However, it only stands out since the rest of the package is so good; I'm having trouble thinking of an anime without it. Culture-specific elements are somewhat more common here than in most shows. Fairly be ye warned. And the anime simply "ends" in the middle of the story... but I have heard good things about the manga.

And I will read it when I can find it. This story is more than worth it. (And if there are any other shows with these virtues — the earlier, the better — I would be pleased to meet them, too...)

"Love Me", the shirt says. You don't need to tell me twice.