Reviews: Sekirei

Well Done Surprise

When I started watching this series I was getting into it for the fan service. I got all that and a lot more. I watched two season show and am really hoping for more. The anime was just great. The animation was beautiful for one thing, and all characters looked very different from one another, although the amount of short grey-haired people was confusing at first. The story was the surprise, as it actually has an overarching plot that knows when to get serious and at times got pretty emotional. The fight scenes are well done and the comedy is hilarious. The first season is in English and has a very well-done dub, the voices fit perfectly, and giving Tskuimi a Ye Olde thing was awesome. I still laugh when I think of the time she said "Bringeth It!" The second season has yet to be dubbed but it is also well-done, no spelling errors or anything.

I'm not good at writing reviews but I'll wrap it up by saying my favorite thing about this show, the characters. Normally shows have like two or three characters you really like and enjoy every moment they're on screen,but for this series so many characters can apply. Kusano, Kazehana, Matsu, Haihane, Miya, Seo and his Sekirei are just some examples of well-defined characters who are enjoyable to watch. And lastly, if you're worried about the fan service being distracting, I think for the most part it knows when to be serious, but the fact is it's pretty present, but even if you don't like fan service, it shouldn't affect your opinion of the show.