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Mildly Disturbing But Awesome Ending
Spurned by another troper's promise of a Paranoia Fuel ending, I've decided to take a look at this manga. It's just three chapters long, anyway, so why not ruin my nervous system even more, I thought.

Well, having read those three chapters, I must contradict said other troper: while the beginning of the series is truly disturbing, with two young girls planning to kill someone, then seeing eerie figures in dark rooms, the final chapter is pure, undiluted awesomeness on you-know-who-once-you-read-it's part. No, seriously, a Xanatos Gambit so elegant would to a credit to the most Magnificent Bastard out there.

So Yeah, while the promise of disturbing content is fulfilled, to a degree, I cherish this manga for one of the finest examples of an Evil Plan I've seen in a short story. Brilliant.

PS: Oh, maybe that has something to do with the fact that This Troper has never been to Japan or attended a school with its own pool. And his school romance was... well, lacking.
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