Reviews: Parasyte

I'm So Confused

Parasyte is obviously supposed to be more horror and action, what with alien parasites invading and taking over human's minds - basically Body Snatchers.

The manga includes thought-provoking questions, like why aliens, who eat humans, are terrible when humans eat various meats to survive themselves.

And Shinji's personality changing, as he is slowly merging with the alient Migi, and how this affects his personal relationships with his girlfriend, parents and similar, can be quite tragic.

My personal problem is, I am never sure if I'm reading a horror manga or a comedic slapstick! Perhaps this was done by the mangaka on purpose, perhaps it's my own mind just seeing it as funnier, but several of the most horrific scenes of humans being eaten, stabbed or similar, just look hilarious to me. Like I am supposed to laugh and see it as a comedic scene, rather than something horrifying.

Not bad for the most part. But the age shows

Parasyte is a perfect example of a manga that was developed in old times. However, it does its job establishing the setting. To have parasytes roaming about in the world fits in almost flawlessly, and the main character goes through Character Development pretty quickly, so it comes across feeling pretty fresh. Migi makes for a fun character as well; making for a fun duo to watch between the two leads, and you'll want to see them make it through this.

If there's one complaint that I have for this series, it's regarding most of the characters outside the leads. Particularly, the women, which feel more like plot-devices rather than genuine characters.

-Murano comes off very one-note and annoying, channeling what seems to be this story's version of Orihime from Bleach where she only ever has one thing to say over and over.

-Kana isn't much better. And comes off more as a satellite romance where she exists only to try to get with our main lead. She hardly has a character outside going gaga whenever he's around that not even her special ability to sense parasytes goes anywhere.

-Did I mention that there is a minor school-girl who had an idiot moment that got people at her school killed to a parasyte? No doubt you will be raging at how stupid this girl was acting here.

Considering how old the original manga of this series is, it's not surprising that the women aren't as well established given how small their role IRL was back hen.