Reviews: Outlaw Star

Awesome old school anime

Outlaw Star is a 26-episode anime centered around the exploits of a crew of bounty hunters. Now, Outlaw Star is similar to other animes centered around bounty hunters or space westerns, including Cowboy Bebop and to a lesser extent, Trigun. It features a handsome, tough main character, episodes that are mostly stand-alone but eventually start clicking together. Firefly is another show that's similar, so much so that Joss Whedon had to tell everyone he wasn't inspired by this.

The goal of the story isn't really the important part, it's more about the journey. Basically, the story follows Gene Starwind, the protagonist, and his crew, consisting of an eleven year old genius, a cute bioandroid, a ganguro catgirl, and a pale, sexy samurai assassin that uses a wooden sword to cut through almost anything. Oh, and there's Magic!

Overall, this is a really amazing show; sometimes it's stupid and it's loaded with fanservice, but it never really takes itself serious during the light-hearted episodes. It's basically a fun romp, and whether you've seen Cowboy Bebop, Trigun or Firefly, you'll probably enjoy it regardless. (If you haven't seen those shows, at least a few episodes, drop whatever you're doing right now and watch them, you'll probably thank me)