Reviews: Otome Kikan Gretel

Don't waste your time on this one.

Okay, so there's this school, and a new girl moves in, and it turns out the girls there (it's a girl's school) can use special powers 'n shit to blow up monsters called Formiks 'cause they ate all the sugar and for some reason these people are keeping a lot of sugar on-hand in a cafeteria even though they know these monsters are crazy-go-nuts for it. The new girl can get superpowers through lesbian kissing.

The end.

This was apparently abandoned after five chapters and I gotta say that's for the best. Admittedly five chapters isn't a lot of time to get a series off the ground, particularly in the slower-paced world o' manga, but most manga try to earn your attention by chapter one. OKG doesn't even bother setting the stakes until chapter five, wherein it's revealed the Formiks (giant "insects" which are seen as ant-eaters and jellyfish) have gnoshed on 80% of the world's processed sugar, which is very bad for all the girls out there who need it. There are two panels of implication that the Formiks are dangerous after one extreme Curb Stomp Battle and one fight against harmless drones.

Presumably this series was meant to cruise on Rule Of Fun, Rule Of Sexy, and Bellisarios Maxim, but that would require the fun to be fun and the sex to be sexy. Fun-wise, the combat is uneventful, the gags are the opposite of humor, and the setting is utterly generic. Sex/romance-wise, the characters have no defining traits beyond (trite and cliche) running gags, the character designs are bland, and the Girls Love is reminiscent of Sonichu's "they've hooked up immediately, so don't get too worried about anything" non-romance. There's not a whiff of substance here.

Derivative and dull. Surely there are better "magic girls' love action" comics out there... or at least more interestingly-terrible ones. Move along, brave tropers; nothing to see here.