Reviews: Minamotokun Monogatari

Awesome Series

Minamoto-kun Monogatari tells the story of Terumi Minamoto and his "quest" to have sex with beautiful women, as well as building his self-esteem. Traumatized since middle school into fearing women by bullies, this will not be an easy task. It doesn't help when this fear socially stunts his ability to interact with women in general. Fortunately his aunt Kaoruko is there to help him every step of the way, roping him into an experiment to recreate The Tale of Genji, one of Japan's oldest literatures.

The series falls under the mature/ecchi genre and if you enjoy looking at beautiful women and their bodies, this manga will provide that in spades, both subtly and literally. Guys will be able to relate to Terumi as well; who doesn't get nervous around gorgeous women? We want the guy to succeed and seeing him do so a little at a time is satisfactory.

Several people have complained about the pacing of the series and that Terumi is still the same weakling from the start but they're not reading and/or appreciating the story closely enough:

  • Of course the pacing is slow; the author has no assistants to help her write her story and can only churn out 8 pages per week, 9 or 10 if we're lucky. Efforts to look for help have so far yielded no results but that doesn't stop her from trying. Her series is considered to be very popular in the magazine its featured in and she even managed to get a light novel out to the public. Her marketing for each chapter is brilliant: almost always leaving the reader on a cliffhanger so that they look forward to next week's chapter. Even haters have to grudgingly respect that.

  • Terumi's change is slow but still there. In the beginning, he would always allow himself to get out of control if pushed and/or cowers in fear but now shows enough self-control and respect that is starting to win over hard-to-get girls. Change in character doesn't happen overnight; people have to see that, especially with page turnout.

The girls themselves are fun and interesting, ranging from all types of personalities: fun, cold, shy, crazy, mean, nice, sad, sexy, etc. The aunt especially is arguably the "best" one. It's also fun to see the parallels between the "modern" story and the Tale of Genji.

Give a read. I guarantee that you'll be hooked. It'll require patience but the end result is worth it.

The main character makes this painful to read

Minamotokun Monogatari has everything that you would expect from an ecchi/mature manga. If you are into just reading a series for the hot women, and the loads upon loads of fan-service, then you will get what you are expecting regarding this manga. And I'm not going to lie that it has probably some of the best drawn women buttocks I've ever witnessed in this kind of content.

As for the story, it's nothing special, but I have come to dislike it more and more as this series moved along; especially regarding the lead, Terumi Minamoto, who I have just grown to absolutely hate as this series moved along. He starts off ok as the weak-minded hero who wants to get over a couple phobias, but there has been absolutely no development getting over this weak mindset he appears to have (one of the two phobias doesn't even come back after the first chapter). Even after interacting with a couple women, even after having SEX with a few of these women, he still acts the exact same way as an idiot pervert that clearly doesn't know what the hell he is doing when it comes to women. After awhile, it makes you wonder why these people even wanted to have sex with him to begin with.

I could even make a legitimate argument that some of his actions are very questionable; to the point that he is literally trying to rape these women such as when he attempted to get with his cousin, Asahi.

So ya, that's my two cents. Classic ecchiness, horrible main character.

My thoughts on Minamoto-kun Monogatari

It's utter and absolute crap, pardon the language. The plot is as follows, some spoilers ahead:

Terumi Minamoto, the main character, is supposed to have a phobia of women due to being mercilessly bullied by girls, who were jealous of how "pretty" he looked, in his life, and yet we barely see anything of that. He also is supposed to get physically sick whenever he drinks milk. Doesn't ever come up again.

He doesn't even look like a girl, or have a pretty face. He just looks like a normal guy from an everyday Manga. This whole plot could have been good, with his Aunt, whom he's forced to live with, teaching him how to not be afraid of women, but NOPE.

She instead decides he needs to have sex with 14 women, one being his cousin whom he thinks of as a SISTER, as part of her "research". Later in the story he practically crosses the line with his cousin, in what could only be described as an "almost rape" scene, and it just gets worse.

They don't pay much attention to his phobia, instead having it be gone in less than a chapter, without you even realizing it, and concentrate on as many sexual scenes as possible, some being between him and his own AUNT.

There's no true character development, and the whole Manga itself isn't worth reading. Stay as far away from this Manga as possible. There are far better Manga to read out there, that are better written.