Reviews: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro


Neuro in my mind went from being a very wonky series to one of the best manga I've ever read. It has a rough start with Neuro, being unbelievably invincible and getting away with horrible things he does to Yako , characters being dragged down in importance for his sake and well the methods are ingenious, the logic behind how the culprits are the ones who did it is extremely flawed. But come the Sai arc, the characters become more believable and emotionally attachable and the villain is kinda cool. My favorite post-Sai mystery is the toymaker arc, as it foreshadows so much and gets us emotionally invested in the death of a toy CEO. The HAL arc is also great, as it has genuine suspense, awesome action and a truly challenging enemy that causes Neuro to have Yako face the threat for the first time. The final arc, New Bloodline, ends the series on a very high note, discussing how far evil can be taken and there's blurred lines between good and bad, and sometimes even people you think are decent have crippling flaws. The villains are unique and memorable in their own take on superpowers, but Sicks, their leader is by far one of the best pure evil villains I've seen in a long time. Reading this will give you satisfaction of the development of the characters and the struggles they went through,