Reviews: Kotoura-san

A different Rom Com finally

Want a special anime? Feel like you need a new series? Looking for a different "Rom Com"?

Search no more and go watch Kotoura-san. It's only 2 episodes long so far, and it looks GREAT. However, here's a fair warning: much like any watcher of Madoka Magica can tell you, not everything is what seems in this cute looking series.

Meet Kotoura, a 15 years old telepath. She'll make you cry, oh so much. But if you can hold back the tears and stand strong you'll be rewarded with a heartwarming story and a few many laughs. But don't leave your handkerchief too far, you'll need it.

Art-wise, I'm not a fan of the style used, something like a chibi version of Haruhi, but I feel it fits the story. The music is excellent, and very fitting, and, well, the animation isn't bad, either, but it doesn't deserve much mention.

A good addition to your list if you like romantic comedies; a great addition if you enjoy dramatic anime; you're up for an impressing story, in any case.