Reviews: Getter Robo

Shin VS Neo Getter Robo: An interesting ride

CHAAAAAAAAAAANGE GETTAAAAAAAA! These are the words that the majority of Super Robot fans would recognise and love, the command of the classical Gett Robo envisioned by two of the genre's fathers, Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa.

Shin VS Neo sets its tone right from the start, with Musashi re-enacting the classic Heroic Sacrifice from the original continuities as he stalls for time in Manhatten (Note the WTC Twin Towers are intact, but the Statue of Liberty is completely gutted). The weight and strength of the original Getter Robo is well-portrayed, although ultimately it is overpowered and finally overwhelmed by the Dinosaur Empire's massive invasion army. It also showcases the resolve of Musashi as he keeps fighting even as the original Getter gets slowly battered and maimed until he is unable to hold them off any more.

Without any narrator talk, the scene after the intro sequence immediately tosses you into the future, where a new prototype Getter is unable to combine because one of the pilots is simply not hardcore enough. It's all part of the fast-paced Getter Robo storytelling, showing rather than telling you that only really fearsome pilots can pilot the Getter.

In general, the OVA keeps a good grip on the villains and their competence, as they repeatedly pull off daring plans that almost ensure their total victory if not for the sheer hardcore nature of the Getter pilots and the heroes in general. For one, they nearly kill the new Neo Getter Team when they managed to reactivate prototype Getters and overwhelmed them with sheer numbers!

Shin VS Neo keeps up the impressive soundtrack the Getter Series is famed for, with sweet tunes like Full Storm that are catchy and hotblooded. The animation quality is a little fast-and-loose, but it portrays the power of the Getters really well, and the lovingly detailed mechasauruses bristle with menacing weapons. The heroes include the Original Getter pilots, who are as awesome as ever, even if they don't get back in the cockpit in this continuity. The new pilots are still very good in their own right, despite some purists loudly insisting that they aren't worthy successors.

All in all, I'd highly recommend this OVA.