Reviews: Domina No Do

I thought it was funny

With respect to the other reviewer of this manga YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT! You point out that its not a deconstruction nor is a satire of the harem genre when it's clearly not supposed to be. But i would like to know if you read past the first 5 chapters, because if you had you would have seen the fact that Takeshi IS IN LOVE with Hikari(also the fact that he is a masochist just not on the same scale to which Hikari is a sadist). By the way your description of this work could easily be applied to alot of great manga like lovehina


Well onto the actual review. While certainly not for everybody it is a solidly entertaining ecchi series with a moderately cohesive plot,(at least by ecchi standards) and pretty alright character development along the way. If you need something to read on a long bus ride or plane flight you could probably do worse, so i'd say 6 out of 10 for me

Is not funny.

With respect to the Mangaka and his previous works, who while not works of art where great tales of love, relationship and growth.


Is the most disgusting, absurd, offensive parody of romance (let alone of Harem anime) in the entire manga world.

Is not a deconstruction or a witty commentary. The same way that Hostel is not a deconstruction of traveldocumentary. It had as much deep as Half Life Full Life Consequences without a single of its redemption values.

Is a story with such a horrible protagonist, abuse, warped sense of morality and just plain sadism in a "supposed" relationship (only school days can come close and Makoto was never as horrible inhuman as Hikari was in the first chapter) that its almost feel like a 13 year old work of a "Fuck you" to Harem works who mistake "deep" and "Realism" with violence and Diabolus Ex Machina. Its not even a parody of BDSM or even the popular perception of BDSM since Takeshi is being held against his will and the punishment are purely for the sake of Torture and the shitty mind of Hikari and the storyline is obviously going (and its half way there) for the Stockholm Syndrome .

Is an offensive representation of Tsundere. Is an Offense to BDSM both "real" and TV made. Is an Offense to any Romantic Comedy since Urusei Yatsura. Is an Offense to witticism and parodies everywhere. Is everything that is wrong with the Double Standard and the just plain idiocy that many Mangakas in the romance world had that a as long is male it can be willfully "hurt" and abused by his "love" one is a healthy demonstration of love (again, popularized and perfected by Rumiko Takahashi)

Is a disgusting piece of literature in every sense of the way. Its only redeemable quality is that it has nice pictures and some of the Visual Pun are quite ingenious, both for that a thousand webcomics could sate such unique desire.

Read anything else. Don't waste your time in this piece of crap or give it any recognition just for whom is it author. This is the lowest point of his career and as a fan you are just going to hurt yourself.