Reviews: Centaur No Nayami

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A realistic take in a world with mythological human.
As said in the main page, this manga basically replaces humans with fantasy races such as Centaur, angel, satyr, etc. However even though it has fantasy races in place of human it's still a realistic slice of life series most of the time and the author really work on each detail of character's life. For example, the angel race of this series can't fly... realistically they can't because their wings is to protect them from cold weather and it's not big enough to support their body. This little fact is ignored most of the time in other series in which angels with tiny wings still can fly. The snake like race in the series has no sweat glands so they have no custom to take a bath, and races with horns has to use special kind of comb to groom their hair.

Those little details aside, the author also bring up issue of discrimination a lot. In particular in concern of Centaur race that have lower body of a horse. The series also bring up a lot of present international conflict, although they didn't say it out loud where it happened. One chapter have a Centaur president with dark skin that eerily resemble Obama, and an American angel said they had chosen a 'black' centaur president.

This series might be not everyone's cup of tea, the author also have a habit to end the chapter abruptly where the story have no closure with no continuity. However this is a worthy series to follow for those who likes well thought plot and details Murayama Kei wove to this story.
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