Reviews: Bartender

Bartender= Psychiatrist

Bartender is hidden treasure in anime/manga for shonen genre, and fully deserve said as Better Than It Sounds and full of Heart Warming Moment The manga is perfect for 'Take a break' reading, the story is relaxing and delivered with good story telling that would blow you away.

What so unique about this series? As this review's title said the main character is the charm of this story, Ryu's drink can solve your problem and NO, he will not make you drunk with his delicious drink, in fact the series explicitly looked down upon being drunk and washing sorrow with alcohol. Ryu mainly relay the problem of his customer with drinks and the back story of the said drink, that and added with his Sherlock Scan ability. Though interestingly when his Sherlock Scan always right, Ryu is not always right in solving the case. As in the start of his bartending in Ginza bar, Ryu did a miss which displeased a hostess. Ryu KNOW woman who insecure of wrinkle on their neck would hate to drink with glass he used but the problem is... since the hostess don't have any wrinkle on her neck... He has no idea about woman's insecurity in that area. Ryu might be able to solve most of problem his customer bring to his bar, but he is not always capable of putting his feet on his customer's shoes unlike most Psychiatrist hero.

Another interesting point is not ALL customer come through the bar's door Wangst on their problem or really have a problem. The mangaka is creative enough to create many kind of customers and their problem, relating it with the drink's story also well-thought and not always straight-forward. This series is perfect for those who have been working, since the troubled customer usually revolve on stressing job and love-life. If anything this troper have to thumps down on this series is the anime, the anime is one of a kind for story-telling style but looks really old and rushing to compress 40 chapters in 11 episodes. This series is good enough to get a drama though it took different route and Ryu come as a Jerk With A Heart Of Gold, you will likely prefer anime over the drama though.

This series really worth your time, especially considering how far this manga could go when revolve in selling drinks but last for 16 volumes, an anime and a drama.