Reviews: Zeon Quest


Be warned there are unmarked spoilers in the review.

As a person who has read a lot of fanfiction and watched a lot of Gundam, there is a serious lack of UC Gundam fanfiction that has any form or substance.

This is not one of the regular UC fanfics, this is a Gem that I seriously wish there was more of.

Despite being 116 parts long, every part of this leaves me wanting more. There is so much content so many well timed character appearances it feels like a Gundam series that should have been made. The characters are interesting and complex, the fight scenes (when actually written) are detailed, the Anons come up with some brilliant ideas when they aren't being hilarious or trolling. The story arcs are well written and come off as something you'd see in an AU of the One Year War. Plus there are so many awesome moments throughout the series, Ghinias appearing in the Apsalus to save the first Jaburo Attack force with Norris appearing as backup, Char getting his own Gundam (yes you read that right.) Amuro using the Solomon Express (A suit designed for a one man assault against Solomon.

It's not without it's flaws though, Apologized seems to give very flimsy reasoning for how the Zeon suits are so quickly advanced to the point that by the end of the series we have some people piloting Galbaldy Betas (For those who don't know they're suits from Zeta Gundam) While the arcs and story are good, some do come off like they've been ripped straight from Ghirens Greed which on it's own isn't bad, but I wish I'd seen more originality in the arcs.

The flaws are few and far between Overall it's fantastic a read worth the time of any UC Gundam fan