Reviews: Undercover Boss

Groan Worthy

I've had to watch a couple episodes of this and it is formula. Model workers are picked out and give their respective sob stories to the boss within 24 hours, the CEO shows up is incompetant and detached from reality and everyone gets a happy ending.

It is not necessarily staged but the cameras certainly tend to bring out personal issues that would not otherwise come out to someone on your first twenty four hours of work and many employees featured have a much stronger dedication to their jobs than most would. It would be a boring episode of course, if the Boss showed up and had history as a retailer with competant employees who just show him the ropes but this show strains the Suspension Of Disbelief.

If you go for reality shows, then this is passable compared to some of the garbage they put on air. But it is a reality show all the same with the same awkward narrative set up that will make you groan.

Maybe it's not a world half empty...

After seeing the pilot after the superbowl, I've gotta say, this show is probably what could be considered a "good" reality show, in that it's actually showing real people in real situations, along with the great situations where the high powered execs utterly fail at the job they're assigned. However, if they did an episode with an angry employee constantly complaining about the company, they might cut it. Otherwise, it's a decent reality show, worth a watch, at least. Give it a try if you're tired of B-List celebrities and whinney yuppies.