Reviews: Tom Yum Goong

You did it again, Tony!

I have just written a pretty bad review of The Expendables, which means that I must make a good review to cleanse my soul. And which movie would be better suited for this than Tom Yum Goong?

First of all, some words about the shit that no one cares about. The acting and drama is pretty decent for a kung fu flick, but at times, the movie can be quite narmy. For example, there's a scene where Tony Jaa breaks into a meeting of some business man with a baby elephant on his side, screams 'Where's my elephant!?' and beats the shit out of them. Some scenes look completely detached from reality, but they do it in such an endearing and awesome way that they just serve to make the movie better.

The action scenes are, hands down, some of the best I've ever seen. The choreography is simply awesome and the movie completely averts the infamous Jitter Cam, which means that even someone who has never seen a kung fu movie will know what's going on. My favourite scene is near the end, after the Big Bad hits Tony Jaa's Berserk Button, at which point the guy proceeds to break the limbs of several dozen enemies in increasingly creative and brutal ways. The other scenes aren't bad, either: Tony Jaa beats up a gang of [[80's leet kidz on roller blades]], he kicks the shit out of a round house kicking Arrogant Kung Fu Guy, a chinese sword fighter, a capoerita and four big guys at once. The last ones with elephant bones. It Makes Sense In Context.

If you love Tony Jaa, watch this movie. If you don't love Tony Jaa, stop being a faggot and watch the movie.