Reviews: The Holy Mountain

Turning excrement into gold

"The Holy Mountain", the third film of Alejandro Jodorowsky after his controversial cult-film "El Topo", is probably his most polished and interesting work. Basically it combines surrealism, satire, and religious and sacrilege imagery to create a bizarre tale of a group of eccentric characters in their search to reach the immortality. Just like "El Topo" the characters have no deep, they are mere symbols to serve the purpose of the story, a story that could be find by some people as pretentious or too strange, but the direction of Jodorowsky made this film something original and unique. There are several elements of satire of modern society, that work very well to introduce us the characters of the story (each symbolizing a planet) their way to reach their goal until a surprising ending (I won't reveal it, but I want to mention that the ending is one of the best that I've seen in a movie, working very well with overall tone of the movie) "The Holy Mountain" is a unique film. It was ahead of his time and it is the best work of his director.