Reviews: The Best Page In The Universe

One of the Funniest Site Ever

One of the best site ever when you're bored. His articles of him bashing almost every single thing never ceased to amaze and made me laugh. However, sometimes he may not be up to everyone's taste as his satire may be too extreme that people took it seriously, whether they Love It Or Hate It. Here's the kicker though, there's some truth to his bashing. So while it's funny that he insulted every single possible thing, at the same time, you also ended up thinking "hey, this guy has a point." The real gem of the site is probably his hate mail section. In there, he not only refuted the arguments of those hate mails and he also toyed with them sometimes. One great example is when someone told him that he was being hateful. He responded by giving a Freudian Excuse about how he was abused as a kid. The person who sent the hate mail tried to be nice and be a psychologist in how she understood everything and yadda yadda. Maddox then replied that he was just kidding and managed to dupe the e-mailer in front of the world. Now, that is Crazy Awesome. His real charm is that he was never afraid to tell it as it is, even if it is a bit exaggerated.