Reviews: Superman Batman Apocalypse

Apocalypse: Time and Logic.


Andrea Romano directed the voice actors. With the exception of Darkseid's Dull Suprise, this film's cast is the best part of the movie.

The biggest issue in the film is time. It's a 78 minutes, and it should have been longer. When Supergirl goes from Metropolis to Themyscria, the first time issue shows up. Kara apparently has been training there for around four months. However, we have seen nothing of the four months of training and of her developing a friendship with Lyla, the reason Wonder Woman (Kara's teacher) went looking for Kara. Superman even questions the teaching methods of Wonder Woman, as if it had only been days. Then, when Kara is kidnapped, we don't know how long she's been on Apokolips. This is important when we find in that time she turned evil. Lastly, the final fight is virtually immediately after they leave Apokolips, Darkseid shows up again to fight (after a massive three part fight scene on Apokolips). I take it this was supposed to be some time later, otherwise there is no reason not to just add this to the fight on Apokolips. We don't get an answer. There's no excuse that in a 78 minute film they did add something to show time pass.

The other major flaw is the leaps in logic/inconsistencies. Kara goes to Themyscria to learn control. However, her main problem in the beginning is her laser vision. She has some strength issues, but the lasers are the bigger issue. Why did the Amazons take her away from Superman, the one person who could teach her? Secondly, the Amazons take notice because Lyla (Kara's friend) has a vision of someone dying. She assumes it to be Kara, so WW goes looking for her. We later find out that it she is seeing her own death. In other words, she leaped to the conclusion that it was someone she didn't know, rather than recognize her own dead body. There are other issues, like Darkseid not being able to disarm his own weapons, and requiring Batman to do it for him, but the other issue that sticks out to me is Supergirl's final speech. She says she hasn't earned a superhero title, but she's going to be a superhero anyways. That doesn't sound heroic. That sounds scary. Imagine a doctor saying that, and this is the note the film wants to leave us with.

The move seemed like no one edited the script, except to excise anything to show the passage of time.

Better than Public Enemies

This was enjoyable after the first 20 minutes or so. The story was neither great nor bad. Two things that did bug me were the excessive amounts of fanservice and Kara's lack of agency. The rather good action scenes were a pleasant surprise: there was a fair bit of ye olde "stand in one place and punch each other", but there was also plenty of moving around and making use of tools & abilities.

On a technical level, the visuals were very, very good. DC's animation has come a long way from the days of Batman The Animated Series and Superman The Animated Series. On an aesthetic level, I really dislike the art style, particularly Batman's elongated face and Superman's strangely feminine features.

The audio was also great on a technical level. Getting Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Susan Eisenberg and Edward Asner together again is no mean feat, but Conroy, at least, sounds tired more than anything. Andre Braughner completely lacks the presence and menace Michael Ironside brought to Darkseid. Summer Glau is fine, if somewhat forgettable, as Supergirl.