Reviews: Revenge Of The Sunfish

Revenge of the sunfish

Revenge of the sunfish is a freeware pc game made with the games factory and released in 2007 by Jacob waldemar buczynski.

Games plot:

The plot involves the earth being invaded by a fleet of intergalactic, superintelligent destruction bent sunfish. At first you play the role of a guy who must stop them but as the game progresses the storyline makes less and less sense. the main character takes multiple forms and must solve various unusual puzzles and mini games until a final showdown with"Dr Bob" an evil scientest who had helped the sunfish somehow.

the games graphics are rather crude, obviously drawn in ms paint, sound quality and transitions between levels are jarring and the game has bit of a weird sense of humour (ie exploding babies) despite or perhaps beacuse of these factors many people claim that the game is somewhat playable, but certainly this isn't a game for everyone. The game contains some grossness in the form of bloody shock screens and general pixel blood. overal I would rate it a pretty fun party game with the right sort of company 7/10