Reviews: Quintessence

Very Good. ('Chapters 1-11)

So To The Moon is one of my favourite games of all time. But I figured it was going to be a one off because the strength came from story subject and you can only use that particular root once, right? Quintessence By the same director has laid all my worries to rest, this guy finds incredibly character subjects in the same way he understands the dramatic importance of cliffs. I don't want to describe particular events because the joy is finding them. But one of the main characters is a simply beautiful mix of pride/hurt/longing/commitment fear which is a complete joy to watch and the character arc is engaging and gradual to the extent I actually felt a moment of wow when there was Look How Far We've Come moment that was absolutely true but so subtle I hadn't consciously noted the change.

The gameplay is almost non-existent, however I've just sat through a 10 hour sprite film so it achieves clearly serves a purpose. Though the levelling and money systems which create false expectations and I'd like to see more experimenting, there was still a lot of Gameplay Story Segregation.

2 out of every 3 lines is absolute genius and then the third laboriously explains all the subtleties that the first 2 suggested. This is taken to a ridiculously extent with flashbacks that flash back to the same cutscene. They're meant to show what a character is thinking, but it's unnecessary and if needed at all, should have just been words appearing on top of the current scene.

This hooks right into the main problem of the game, which is a generally lack of short term and long term drive and objectives. I played through the game because I wanted to see the characters and I'm glad I did, but there was nothing pushing me to do so. The start was motivated by a vague Save The Princess and the individual scenes didn't have a reason to go through. Whats more the overexplanation ruins the mystery. At one point a character does an incredibly destructive action to another, that makes total sense for her character but then it's followed up immediately by a scene where she explains her motivation and it's current affects. And constantly clarifies the affects.

These problems slip as the game goes on though and by Chapter 11 I was bursting to see what happens next. The music and art was beautiful, I can't wait for the next release. 7.5/10