Reviews: Part 2 Breaks the "Suicidal Gays" Stereotype (except it doesn't)

Part 2 Breaks the "Suicidal Gays" Stereotype (except it doesn't)

I wanted to like Part 2, I really did. Conscience's story was very well written. Other parts too. The whole thing was just really poorly planned.

Intending the twist from the very beginning means nothing. She pulled it off far too poorly. What she intended to do; give us a character that we love and root for as much as the main character, then take her away. (With proper explanation.) When Megan Rose Gedris tells the story about the real thing, I had hope because that sounded like an awesome coming-of-age twist, learning about growing up and being yourself. Basically, something the dream sequences at the very beginning of the comic had already done, but on a grander scale.

Problems; Gedris got carried away, and can only write one character at a time. Part 1 became a fully fleshed out universe. There were a few loose ends like Sarah and Sadako that weren’t clamoring for our immediate attention. Lia's a bit of a flat character, serving solely as motivation for Fiona, but oh well, it's High School. I was amazed to find someone who could actually write that universe in a way I could stand.

When Part 2 comes in, and you're filled in- things just go downhill so fast. None of the characters you loved are "real". Except Lia maybe. Know how they were flat before? Yeah, they're still flat, no personality, but now they have DRAMATIC BACK STORIES. (The least flat, guy, Jake, btw? Totally an asshole, you'll never see him again.) Remember when people tried to accuse Fiona of being a Mary Sue? Now her only flaw is not being conscientious even though her conscience is literally a separate entity. Before anything is revealed, Gedris pointedly struggles with NOT making the comic version of Adventure Time.

I held on the end to see if all that character development would pay off, hoping Fiona would get the strength to actually live in the real world- Especially after the horror that happened to Lia.. IRL, Gedris had move on with her life and deal with who she was.

Nope. Fiona gives up on life, and will "live" until she finds someone to kill her.'t)