Reviews: Marvel NOW

Indestructible Hulk, Vol.1. Damn good stuff.

Marvel NOW, to me, is The New 52 done right (Well with the exception of Superior Spider-Man, I mean Jesus Christ). Taking the established characters of the universe and taking them in brand new directions without entirely screwing over the older continuity. Some book can be hit or miss, but for me Waid's start on the Hulk is one of the better books I've read in recent times.

The story involves Bruce Banner accepting his inability to cure himself of his Hulk condition, so until he can find a proper way to heal himself he takes up a job with SHIELD so that he can turn the Hulk into a weapon and put his genius to good use in the same way Tony Stark does. What follows in the opening issues is Banner acclimating to this new lifestyle, getting a new lab, new equipment and a new outlook on life. His early battles draw on classic Silver Age antagonists such as Attuma and the Quntronic Man, turning them into proper menaces and giving the Hulk a chance to flex his boulder-sized muscles.

It's a good opening, giving out good characterization and backstory, varying scenery for each issue, and trying something new with the big green galoot. It hooked me in on its first few issues and I certainly plan on digging into the rest. And I'd recommend the same for anyone who wants good comic book fun.