Reviews: Kartia The Word Of Fate

A Lot More Worth It Than Ever In My Eyes!

Where to begin on this RPG here doesn't matter to me as The Nineties were coming to end as I had yet to start school; the reason why is very simple: rather than my parents getting Syphon Filter after trying out the demo that came with my first Playstation, I got Kartia The Word Of Fate. When I first played that game, I really didn't even know how to play the game since I was just a little kid at that age; in fact, considering that this was my first RPG game that came from Japan, I was downright confused about how to make things work in there. Additionally, I found out that there a lot of things here that made me feel shocked, angry, and funny such as the language and the blood from the major antagonist; perhaps, the former was easily excusable since there were no voice actors at all and that the latter was a rare moment for me as well. I was glad when I got much older later on in life because I finally managed to get around in the tutorials within the game that had helped me understand how to play it as it drove me to get into the story. The major things that I had discovered were the fact that in only to go to the next chapter of the story I had to keep every human character alive, conserve and strategize to persevere as the story went on, and that every item I made in clearing the last game get carried over whenever I start a new game upon it; by doing that it meant making sure that everyone survives even the phantoms before the battle ends, all enemies are destroyed/killed, any box/crate is destroyed and treasures opened to gain every single one of these new texts/items, and that any Kartia saved is a Kartia earned especially in the last stretch of the game when I had to use the World Tree variants to push on through. My brilliant thinking and creativity help me clear two fantastic stories in one game while fantasizing the adventures in the form of an Anime that deserved to be made or at least a Manga series to boot for such an exciting magical story that takes place about a thousand years ago. As of now the real question I am asking myself is this: should I adapt this game into a Manga or wait until Atlus turns it into an Anime? Normally, I would pick option one because of the exotic plots but I rather let the professionals handle it; thankfully, my newfound Japanese skills might come handy for whichever option so I say it's worth it.