Reviews: Kamen Rider Hibiki

Shounen, yo! Hit the beat! Does Kamen Rider Hibiki manage to keep its beat?!

I wasn't sure what to make of Hibiki when I first heard about it. Apparently, it hadn't been meant to be a rider series and was insanely different, and it also got really crappy near the end, but hey, it was about riders fighting giant monsters! WITH MUSIC! That was an insanely awesome concept and for the most part, I wasn't disappointed with what came of it.

The plot of Hibiki is often lauded, to which I respond: "What plot?!" Face it, Kamen Rider Hibiki was episodic. There was only a real sense of an overarching story near the very end, and really, it was just something else that happened. They set up the premise and play with it, and while there isn't as strong a sense of overarching story, I still believe that it was enjoyable. As for the executive meddling, I'm going to flat out say that I think you're all being incredibly silly and overblowing all of it. Ok, yes, there was character flanderization and derailment, but there were still some heartwarming moments! The action was also pretty cool, I have to admit, and I loved the stuff with Zanki and Todoroki, as well as, at the very least, Ibuki's final discussion with Akira about her apprenticeship. And the ending was very nice and fitting. Really, I wouldn't have known that there was executive meddling if I hadn't been told. I would have just credited it to the fizzling out near the end that KR series tend to do.

The characters were all pretty cool. Hibiki is an awesome old man and I wish he was my neighbor. Ibuki and Todoroki, the secondary riders, were interesting. But the real main character and Asumu, and watching him grow and develop due to inspiration from the riders was really fun to see. The other supporting characters are also well done for the most part, and yes, Kiriya is annoying and stupid. He's the wesley, just try to ignore him as best you can.

The music thing was awesome although here's the thing: Did they ever play a song? If they did, I can't recall it. It was just random beats usually and I wish they had done that thing in decade where they placed a goddamn concert. THAT was badass. The designs were unique and pretty good, for the most part.

Hibiki was a good show. If you're looking for something different, check it out.

Oh, my disk animals are back. I've gotta go blow up a lobster monster with my guitar. Seeya.