Reviews: Juken Sentai Gekiranger

German's love Hasslehoff indeed.

I remember seeing comments floating on youtube when I was watch jungle fury of how it was crap compared to gekiranger. Honestly it wasn't an unexpected reaction but I felt there was a fair bit of originality behind some of the things in Jungle Fury/ Gekiranger. So I started watchin the series and boy did I not regret it.

Firstly the suits are real radical departure from the usual sentai ones. They where a slimmed down helmet which doesn't just look like a motorcycle helmet that were alterred. The spandex was more skin tight this series but the biggest thing was the lack of a belt. I remember someone commented that without the belt they feel naked. Another thing was there was absolutely no typical guns accept geki choppers wierd morpher/weapons. The rolecalls were awesome with jan doing back flips and stuff and it felt really cool.

The mecha are really streamlined down as well for at least geki touja which meant the fights coould involve a slight bit more variety like geki touja dribbling! The fights do more then just throw cutscenes at you so I'll forgive the lack of gimmicks.

Because of the whole kung fu thing they all got character development and the used of new tools/styles. There was a growing cast of peripheral characters but i fell they still were able to weave them into the story from time to time well enough.

The main reason i love this series is the villains. They get a whole lot of screen time and also development in learning new things. It took the main villains rio and mele and sometimes changed up their roles like making rio, a forced henchman under maku. But really for me the best thing was the rio/mele relationship. It reminds me of the joker/harley relationship in how one shows devotion but the other may or may not be capable of love. Rio also has a motivation to fight the gekirangers which becomes real important in the backstory and later on. Mele is pretty fangirl but i like her because well she's hot and has a sense of honour and can be good as well as clued in.

I don't want to spoil the end but it is definetly a worthwhile wait. Like alot of things in this series it isn't such a typical sentai ending. It was a pretty mature series and avoided the over use of the kawaii aspect you get a lot of in sentai. For me its the best sentai ever.