Reviews: Jimquisition

Jim Sterling

There are some really awesome things about the Jimquisition. It started off very visually boring but Jim listened and started taking time to put in game footage and generally making it more attractive. It's not perfect but he's willing to improve and I can only see it getting better.

Secondly, there are things that really matter to him. This is something special to watch if for no other reason than it's a person taken a stand about something they wholeheartedly believe in. SOPA is old but the message is always going to be relevant and in many ways it's unfair to ever criticise the guy without recognising the genuine emotional intensity.

Thirdly his intro sequence is genius.

Fourthly, he;s doing something he loves and has admitted he is willing to do it without being paid, in fact the money he earns from it, he's said he's going to plow straight back into the show.

People complain that he's arrogant and although it's hard to tell I think that might be a little unfair. His schtick is he plays up arrogance and you're meant to laugh at the sillyness of it all. It kinda works but sadly this is one of those things where the human brain isn't entirely logical. If you think about it when a friend say 'Ah but that's because I'm entirely handsome in every way' and tosses his hair back, even though the humour relies on the fact that he's actually saying he's not brilliant and good at something, it somehow comes off as more arrogant than a friend who says 'Yeah, one look at my face and he never came back' even though you aren't meant to believe the latter and so it actually means he doesn't think he's ugly.

But I've stopped watching. It all sounds fine until you actually stop and listen.These two in particular. The position might be right but there wasn't an ounce of thought in it.

He argued that the fact people bought Skyrim despite not being charged extra for a multiplayer the game doesn't in fact have shows that online passes don't work?! He even _complained_ that companies drop prices on games as they get older.

He rants.