Reviews: Jericho

Jericho Review

An interesting concept for a show nearly derailed by a few inept artistic choices. The post-apocalyptic, conspiracy, and survivalist plots quickly stall when the introduction of several love triangles. By the middle of season one most of the love triangles have been resolved by either killing the hypotenuses or putting them on a bus. The other complaint with writing would be the sub-par B stories focusing on the exploits of the towns teenagers. Their either up to a plot that is a pale rehashing of what the adults are up to or acting in incomprehensible to what the situation would dictate. None of the teenagers, expect Bonnie, are even remotely sympathetic characters. I would describe them being charitably as angst ridden for all the wrong reasons spoiled brats. Thankfully the writers seems to realize their mistake and over the course of the series the number of teenage characters in the plot decrease substantially, until the last half of season two where none are present.