Reviews: Hero Squared

A True Deconstruction of Super Heroe Genre.

That is probably the greatest praise I could give to the work.

The only true deconstruction of the Super heroe genre in the entire comic industry.

Is intelligent, is witty, deep, humanistic, beautiful in its complexity and its imperfection, is realistic wit none of the grittiness, darker and edgier nonsense. One of the key factos fo Hero Squared is the fact that each world work with its own logic but still are interconnected with several fringes of common themes.

In the world of Captain Valor his abilities, his fights, his logic actually make sense without leaving outside several actions and consecuences we can relate to.

While the world of Milo is a lot like us, with issues and morality and complexity that can make rules and statements of Captain Valor come as shallow and idiotic, it still show several paradigms of nobility, heroism and Beyond The Impossible instances that could and do construct what we define as fantastic worlds.

Neither is perfect but neither is shallow or idiotic. Is this dimensional dissonance, the expectation, the similitudes that draw the story and interconect the alternate doppelganger in a complex love/hate/self discovery journey; each united and separated by the ghost of their past. It doesn't diss any of the worlds or state that one is more "true" than the other.

The characters... the characters are excelent in every single way. They are deep, flawed, sympathetic without the gushing feeling of forced rooting; they had problems but also triumphs, happines and sadness and such adventures, both the mundane and the heroic that you can't stop making a connection with them.

Is sad, is hilarious, is bittersweet and tremendously uplifting and so happy gushing that would make your teeth fall out. It is humanity in all its flavors and it only took an two timing self destruct imbecile and his spandex wearing nagging hypocrite counterpart trying to avoid her god-like magic scientist embittered lunatic ex-girlfriend (and her well educated, hot, ExtremeDoormat, PuritySue Yangire counterpart as a fifth wheel) from destroying the world (''again'') with terapist sessions and angry sex to make us realize it.

Read it, its one of the works for the ages.