Reviews: Elephants Dream

I enjoyed it a little. But I'm not you.

I'm not sure how entertaining you will find it. On the positive side, it's got some nice animation, an interesting building, and machines that certainly drew my interest. But on the down side, it's very hard to understand exactly what the hell is going on, apart from the obvious fact that we've got two guys running around a massive machine/building, but not much else is explained. Why are they there? What is this place? What are these traps Proog keeps referring to? Why the hell does a giant Colossus appear at the end? Does Proog see the world around him as good or bad, seeing as he provides evidence for both? Why does Emo seem to ignore everything around him?

I eventually find the answer to a few of these questions, but they weren't nearly clear enough considering how long I had to look for those answers. I enjoyed the film, as I said earlier, but I watched it mainly for the animation. Not the mad story.