Reviews: Dorm Life

The American Office ... IN UNIVERSITY

This series is basically the Office, but set in university and only ten minute long episodes. And I mean that with the highest compliment in mind. The situational, look at these weird people humour, combined with two brilliant straight people, good use of the mockumentary style and really touching character growth and relationships is straight from the Office, but the show itself isn't. No character is a one-to-one copy instead Dorm Life brings an entirely new cast of character types to play and makes good use of them.

I feel that the second season is a little weaker than the first, but that's mainly because some of the character development didn't go the way I wanted it too, and that is all to the series' credit. By the end of the first season, I loved everything so much that I had in my head a way I wanted every characters life to turn out. Besides that, the acting and energy of the Straight Couple was wonderful to watch and it was hard to see things go wrong so that the story could move on. I want to talk to you more about what happens to the characters, but I think it's something you should find out for yourself

In the end, although I'm the purpose who rants that likeability should have nothing to do with the quality of a character and a story, this defeats me. The real pleasure of Dorm Life is that every person is so lovely and has such a good time with each other and such good relationships with each other that it's just plain fun to watch and heart warming to see people so happy. It makes the ups and downs all the more powerful and the character changes all the more exciting. If you think you've got this show nailed down in the first two episodes, stick around it's not really about that and yet there is some interesting change and events that may just surprise you. As Tropers you'll probably love some of the stuff they do in the season two finale.

Really there is some much goodness in this piece and it's so light and easy to watch, there is nothing that could stop me asking you whole heartedly to watch a few episodes. It'll take half an hour of your life to get introduced to this and it's probably the best long term* web series I've encountered yet.