Reviews: Don Pachi

Do Don Pachi DaiOuJou for arcade

DoDonPachi DaiOuJou is a turning point in the game series, shifting it towards being more character- and story-based. The gameplay is still there, though, and is some of the best that Cave has to offer.

  • The soundtrack is Manabu Namiki's first for Cave but fits well with the atmosphere.
  • The art style is very distinct, hardly anime-esque at all, and quite gloomy.
  • The stages are much more distinguishable from each other than in DonPachi and DoDonPachi
  • The characters and their stories are not typical cheesy Robot Girl at all

  • The graphics and sound quality are worse than DoDonPachi. It was a good thing Cave moved away from the PGM arcade hardware quickly, although that hardware also gave us Ketsui
  • Unlike all of the other games in the series, there is no ship with turning shot.

Do Don Pachi for arcade

Don Pachi had a lot of good ideas but Do Don Pachi would really show what could be done with those ideas.

  • The soundtrack is full of The Power Of Rock
  • The visual effects and mechanical designs are arguably unmatched in their detail and style for the whole series, except possibly by SaiDaiOuJou
  • This game's version of Hibachi stands apart from later ones for having unique flaming bullets and other neat details.

  • This game is not just hard, it is also unforgiving and you will oftentimes find yourself wondering how it is possible to complete this game without dying.
  • There are only different songs for the stages.

Don Pachi for arcade

Don Pachi is the game that started it all. Upon release, the world of 2-D shooting games would never be the same.

  • Some aesthetic elements, such as the announcer, the sound effects for enemies being destroyed, and the appearance of the Bomb-Laser are unique to this game and are not repeated elsewhere.
  • Despite being the first game in the series, it is still very hard. Its second loop causes enemies to release suicide bullets upon death much like Batsugun.
  • Its gameplay is still interesting to this day, with later games in the series adding little to it.

  • It looks very dated compared to later games in the series.
  • The music is very forgettable, unlike all of the other games in the series.