Reviews: Deepercutt

Get your epic game on

I'm here to talk about Deepercutt's video, 'The Most Epic Card Game Ever'. It is made with the first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.

First, it poops the opening, where the humour starts, and we have some good speed changes, word replacements and a very good editing of Pegasus into the King. In the episode itself, the editing on the cards is rather good, so it looks like there are different monsters being used than the real game, for example, Blue-Eyes White Dragon becomes Mario. Also, Kaiba has mad briefcase skills in this poop, just watch it and see him setting the briefcase on the counter in Grandpa's shop. There is also a good voice actor allusion for when Yugi transforms, he becomes Knuckles before transforming again, this time into Yami. Also, the duel itself goes rather well, and luckily enough, is not the type to turn Kaiba's screaming from being hit by Exodia into ear rape.

In short, this is one of my favourite Youtube Poops, because it's hilarious, and the editing is done very well, so I recommend you watch this, as it's very good.