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David Icke is awesome!
David Icke, while I am 50-50 on him on the part about reptoids (that part is debatable and cannot be proven with documents and scientific proof), hits the nail on the head.

He exposes the illuminati, the new world order, bilderberg, trilateral comission, etc. I loved it when he asked Mr. Wogan about the Project for the New American Century and Mr. Wogan wasnt even able to answer his question properly... therefore embarrassing himself.

David Icke isn't getting laughed at right now because the things he (and others) talked about are becoming true.

Don't give me that BS that "there's no such thing as one-world government". Um... what do you call the United Nations? IMF? World Bank? Bilderberg?

Go watch the film "INVISIBLE EMPIRE" by Jason Bermas... if you want to see UNDENIABLE SOLID PROOF that every single world leader is talking about creating a "New World Order".

Go check out the financial times article that talks about a world government. Its called "And Now For World Government".

If you still think it doesnt exist after that, there must be something wrong with your head and you may want to have it examined.

David Icke, YOU ROCK!!!
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