Reviews: Darkartists Review of Circles

Darkartists Review of Circles

Circles was probably one of the best pieces of Furry literature Ive ever come across. it has amazing art, lovable characters and situations that many people can relate to. This comic has been a helpful comfort-read for me for many years now.

Now, I'm not exactly an emotional person, but Circles had me laughing and crying along with the characters. i didn't just read the story, I felt it. I blushed along with Marty when his parents came for dinner, cried with Doug when he admitted his love to Paulie, and suffered along with Ken while he was with his abusive boyfriend. it was an amazing ride, and one i cant wait to finish. It had me hanging of every word, and continues to do so, even though ive read through it several times.

I know most people resonated with Marty, but i really understood Douglas Pope, the loving, but sometimes grumpy Buisness-otter alot better. i have difficulty forgiving people, and it just goes to show that Circles can reach out to anyone. I 100% recommend this as a comic to read for both new Furries, and any gay person of any age who is dealing with coming out. with its lack of "furry innuendo" (ie: tail jokes) lovable characters, and hilarious, yet understandable themes and situations, its a good way to ease into other furry comics.

I spoke with Scott Fabianuk (K-9) and via proxy with the creator, Andrew French. they assured me that the comic is still in the works, but they have had distance and time issues, which have drastically slowed production. they both agreed that Marty was made to be the resonant character, he being the most "real" of the bunch, a normal, day-to-day person, as well as being "sweet and adorable".

I was amazed at how kind and willing the creators of the comic were to talk with me. they were happy to answer all of my questions (most of which didn't even make it into the review... if your reading this guys, sorry about that.) and i liked talking to them. i hope for all the best for you, and i cant wait for Issue 9.

May the Shadows guard you ~Darian Darkotter