Reviews: Cry Baby Lane

Better than expected.

Despite being really eager to find the film for about a year, my expectations were pretty low. I watched it with my sister and we both agreed that it was probably going to be on the goofy, campy level of the Goosebumps TV show (or most 90's 'scary' series) but despite watching the movie in broad daylight, we did end up a little creeped out and paranoid.

It was actually really enjoyable; the film features some decent acting from the leads and boasts good writing and dialogue. Most of the eeriness comes from the fact that this film was targeted at kids (people actively trying to kill a child, girls cornering a boy and trying to force him to kiss another girl, an embalmed dead body being roughly handled and shown, and the bizarre under-the-grave scene come to mind), but it does stand on its own as a freaky movie. I do wish we had a higher quality version, while it was alright during most of the film I'd have liked to see the evil twin's ghost in more detail.

It's definitely worth a watch, if not just to satisfy curiosity.