Reviews: Creatures

Creatures forever!

I remember playing Creatures when I was young, and it was a brilliant adventure and introduction to life and biology, even if I was too busy gorging them on aphrodisiac tomatoes and fatty carrots. I remember crying when they died, and rejoicing when one was born, just like real pets! I never really got into the game, often allowing the population to soar to maximum, and then teleporting the ones I didn't like out to free up some space. Oh yes, the teleport mechanism, which was supposed to be used for E-mailing your friend your Norn... I remember I hatched a male and a female Norn, and then when they were older, I teleported them out, copied their files, and then imported all of them in. Voila! Instant clones! (Can't remember if any of them were more depressed than any of the others...) Yes, for virtual pet lovers and Evilutionary Biologists to be, Creatures is a 4 out of 5 stars rating!