Reviews: Boys Dont Cry

Powerful but dark movie.

This is a quite powerful story of a trans-man, played by Hilary Swank, trying to get a fresh start in the rural Midwest in the 1970's. It is mostly accurate to the true story upon which it is based, but the differences have caused some controversy.

(Hinted at, but unstated Spoilers Ahead)

This movie is predictably tragic, but it is done in a moving and profound way, and not milked for cheap thrills or pity as many portrayals of transexuals are. Hilary swank does an amazing job passing as the lead character, and presents a character, who is nowhere near perfect and is amazingly human in his mistakes, but also has incredible courage. The love story is also quite nice as well as believable, and Peter Sarsgaard does his usual good job as an unstable friend .

The main issue I had with the movie was the incredible darkness making it difficult to watch, and almost causing despair induced apathy. It is an important, well done, and powerful movie with a great message. But if you want something fun, uplifting, or an accepting trans-love story, this is not your movie.