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An evolved development.
What started out as a few (let's be honest) low jokes, silly ideas, and average voice acting has become a lot more. A lot of people say that it doesn't stand well on its own and that all it really did was break some ground for the video makers of today. That's not that case. It didn't simply break ground, it shattered that ground and paved a new way all its own that very few have been ambitious enough to fully explore. From the greatly upped production, the added CG scenes, and just the overall story; Red Vs Blue has grown into something that has shaped hundreds of thousands of people's sense of humor, sense-abilities, and dare I say even emotions. Unlike some shows that withered out after burning down to the wick, Red Vs Blue has instead burned into a magnificent fire that seems to only grow brighter by the days.

Though the comedy isn't always there any more; being replaced by drama and pain. But that adds new levels to the show as a whole. The jokes are still there, and new forms of comedy has been added in as the times go by. These characters that we've rolled around with and had a good laugh with are still who they are, but now we see the works behind it all. And to me, that's something special.

You can go ahead and say I'm wrong or just taken too far in by my love of it to be looking at the whole picture. I can't help that. Honestly though, Red Vs Blue has not missed a singe (great) beat in all the years I've watched it. Not one transition has gone that I haven't enjoyed. Somewhere inside, I know a lot of fans agree with that; even if a lot more don't.
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Broke new ground for machinima, but by itself isn't much.
Red Vs Blue and I go a bit back. The earliest mention I heard of it was a peer quoting this line back when I was in the 4th grade. And one can't go through a single Halo forum without hearing a shoutout to it. RvB's place is cemented in our culture. All I've seen is Season 1, some bits of "Recollection", the PSAs, and Season 9. But while I really enjoy Rooster Teeth's other work, I'm not that impressed by RvB.

Firstly, I rarely care about the plot. I understand the storyline well enough, but it tends to bore me. Half of this is because, with the exception of Caboose, I pretty much care nothing about Blue Team, who the story tends to center around. I find the comedic interactions between Red Team funny, and always look forward to their segments, but everyone else, Church, Tucker, Tex, are so unlikeable. None of them get my sympathy because because of how callous they can often be. Sarge is a funny callous. Church is an annoying callous. I'd prefer Red Team getting the greater focus.

2nd, the new CG fight scenes don't impress me. While our page for Haloid is overflowing with Gushing, I simply got bored watching it, despite the fusion of my two favorite franchises. Monty Oum loves reveling in his Matrix-esque fight scenes, and reveling in cool can be nice. But since his fights pretty display nothing but one character eternally winning unless he/she picks up an Idiot Ball, there's no effort in their movements, no strategy, no suspense, and no odds. It's just fighting for fighting's sake, fighting I simply can't take seriously.

Honestly, I find their PSAs funnier, since they're plotless, tend be "comedic interaction" orientated, feature Red Team more, and have the characters offer their own spin on some current issue I'm interested in, and care more about than their plot. I don't have any motive to watch the 7 seasons I've missed, because of Archive Panic and because I know hearing ClusterFBombs every episode is going to get on my nerves after a while. When RvB's focus is just letting the characters do their funny thing, it can be great. But when it tries to shoehorn them into their plot, I lose interest.
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