Reviews: The Turner Diaries

Ill-thought out and an atrocious message

While The Turner Diaries has a terrible message right from the outset (advocating a violent genocide against all non-whites) the execution of the novel is equally as terrible, with numerous faults and flaws that would kill any normal book. The Organization presented as a God-Mode Sue that never faces an actual challenge, the "System", the main antagonists of the novel, clutch the Idiot Ball with both hands and frequently make decisions that don't make any sense, the "romance" between Earl Turner and Catherine is forced and awkward, Fridge Logic is in full effect for much of the novel (for instance, somehow the Organization manages to control the Southern California area and defeat a 60,000 strong National Guard and LAPD force with only 500 fighters), and Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy and Designated Hero/Designated Villain hits the novel particularly hard with the protagonists acting like the psychopathic Neo-Nazis that they are and the antagonists being racial, sexual, political, and religious stereotypes turned Up to Eleven in a failed attempt to make the Organization look justified in their genocide.

And of course, the entire point of the book is to envision a Neo-Nazi's dark and twisted fantasies of race war and genocide. It makes Atlas Shrugged look subtle and sane by comparison. The fact that multiple hate crimes and terrorist attacks have been connected to the book (including the Oklahoma City Bombing) speaks volumes about what the book stands for.